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Student Storage

Students need storage spaces too. In fact, it may be even more important for students to have a place to store their belongings, as dorms and student apartments tend to be quite small. That is why you should consider Security Self Storage in Madison, WI. We offer the best self storage around.

Benefits of Having a Student Storage Unit

Students receive many benefits when they use self storage.

  • Convenience: Security Self Storage offers a variety of indoor and outdoor self storage spaces. There are even many climate-controlled spaces to choose from. With two Madison locations, we provide easy access to your belongings no matter where in the city you live.
  • Flexibility: Students need flexible storage options. You may need your things at any time. Plus, most students have summers off, which means you may not require a yearly contract. Perhaps you only need self storage when you are gone during the summer. At Security Self Storage, we offer monthly rates. Only store your things with us when you need the storage.
  • Security: You will always feel safe when you visit Security Self Storage. Our facilities have video surveillance and are 100% fenced and gated. We have pull-up units available. So you can drive directly to the unit. There is no need to walk through the facility alone. Additionally, our raised entryways and steel roofing minimize the risk of water damage or pests, which makes your belongings that much more secure. 

Student Storage Units

We offer a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces for you to choose from. Contact our office at 608-441-1111 for pricing information. Our available storage units are listed below.


  • 5×5: This is the smallest unit we offer. It is just large enough for a few boxes or plastic totes. If you only need a little bit of storage space, this is the unit for you.
  • 5×10: Many students need bike storage. If this is you, then you should consider a 5×10 unit.
  • 5×15: If you need the space of a large bedroom closet, this is the unit for you.
  • 6×10: This unit is slightly larger than a closet. It is perfect for the student who has lots of boxes or totes to store.
  • 8×10: If you need to store a bike plus several boxes or totes, then this is the unit you should choose.
  • 10×10: This unit is about the size of half a one-car garage. It is our most popular unit for students. It will hold everything from a typical dorm room or small apartment.
  • 10×15: You may live in a slightly larger apartment. If this is the case, you need this unit, which will hold the contents of a one- to two-bedroom apartment.
  • 10×20: This unit is about the size of a one-car garage. It will hold the contents of three to four rooms or a vehicle and a few items.
  • 10×25: If you need to store items from five to six rooms, then this is the unit for you. It will also fit a vehicle along with a few items.
  • 10×30: Our largest unit. It will hold the contents of a three-bedroom house. Most standard cars and SUVs will also fit in this space./li>


  • Less than 10×15: These spaces are perfect for a small trailer or camper.
  • Less than 10×20: These spaces are ideal for a small boat or trailer.
  • 10×30: Use these spaces for a boat, small RV, or tandem axle trailer.
  • 11×25: You can fit a boat, tandem axle trailer, or small-medium RV in these spaces.
  • 12×40: Our largest outdoor units fit an RV or large trailer.

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