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Boat Storage Near You

If you live in Madison, Wisconsin or other nearby cities like Fitchburg, Middleton, Monona, Verona or Sun Prairie then you are surrounded by a lot of water. What better way to take advantage of the four lakes in Madison than to own a boat? If you own a boat, you may have given thought to boat storage. For many individuals, boat storage at home is not feasible.

Now with Security Self Storage you no longer have to worry about storing a boat near you. Our top-of-the-line, secure boat storage in Madison makes owning a boat simple.

Benefits of Boat Storage

Below you will find the most important benefits for storing your small or large boats and jet ski’s with us.

  • 5am to 11pm access to your boat.
  • Conveniently located off Highway 14 (Park Street), means short travel-time to Madison’s many lakes.
  • Clean, 100% fenced facility with around-the-clock video surveillance.
  • Multiple, outdoor spaces to choose from.

When you store your boat at our Madison facility, you will know that it is safe and secure. It doesn’t matter how often you take the boat out; it will be here waiting for you. That type of comfort and security is hard to find anywhere else.

Boat Storage Units

At Security Self Storage, we offer three outdoor storage spaces ideal for boats. These are

  • Less than 10×20: Ideal for a small boat or trailer.
  • 10×30: Ideal for a boat on a tandem axle trailer or a small RV.
  • 11×25: Ideal for a boat on a single axle trailer and Class C RV.

Clearly, the smaller the boat, the smaller the outdoor storage space you need. Thus, our smallest boat spots work best for boats up to 18-feet in length. These will be Class A and smaller Class 1 boats. Medium, Class 1, boats—those that have a length of 16-26 feet—work great in our 10×30 space. Our 11×25 space will also fit Class 1 and some Class 2 boats.

Contact our office to determine the size space that will best suit your boat.

Boat Storage FAQs

  1. What does it mean to store my boat “on the hard”?
    “On the hard” is a phrase most boat owners will hear at some time or another. To store a boat “on the hard” just means that it is stored out of the water. At Security Self Storage, your boat will be stored “on the hard.” You could also call this type of storage, “dry storage.”  “On the hard” storage is ideal in Wisconsin, because your boat will be protected during our harsh winters. Your boat will not be as prone to frost damage as it would be when stored on the water.
  2. Do I need to winterize my boat?
    Yes, it is recommended that you winterize your boat before you store it. In Wisconsin, our winters are too severe. The cold, snow, and ice can cause damage to your boat if it is not stored properly. Winterizing typically involves removing the battery, draining the bilge and water tank, filling the engine with antifreeze, and covering the boat in a tarp or shrink wrap.

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