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Business Storage Units

Many businesses in Madison, Wisconsin need business storage. You may have extra paperwork to store or a backlog of products or even seasonal decorations. Perhaps the amount of space available at your business just isn’t big enough. It doesn’t matter why you need a storage option, We have you covered.

We offer several storage options for businesses in the Madison area. Contact our friendly office staff to learn more and start the sign-up process today.

Benefits of a Business Storage Unit

As mentioned above, sometimes businesses just need more space. But there are reasons to choose self storage to fulfill those needs. Madison and near by businesses receive the following benefits when they choose Security Self Storage.

  • Our facility is clean.  We have invested in the latest roofing technology, and all of our entryways are raised. These two factors have greatly reduced water and pest damage. Rest assured, your business items will be clean and dry.
  • Our facility is secure.  Our office is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the weekends. Those eyes, plus our around-the-clock surveillance system, ensure that your business storage unit remains safe. Additionally, our facility is completely gated with an access control system. Only people with authorization to be here are allowed in.
  • Our facility is convenient.  All of our business units have drive-up access. There is no need to worry about using a cart. Plus, you can move into your unit the same day you set it up. Everything about our process is quick and efficient.

Business Storage

Your business’s storage needs will be unique. That is why we offer so many sizes of indoor storage. Visit our Storage Units page to view availability, sizes, and pricing.

  • 5×5 Units: These are our smallest, least expensive units. They fit a fair number of boxes or plastic totes. If you just need a little bit of extra space, then this is the unit for your business.
  • 5×10 Units: If your business just needs a closet worth of space, then this is the unit for you. You can store small pieces of furniture, a bike, and many boxes or plastic totes.
  • 10×10 Units: This is one of our most popular sizes for businesses. It will hold all of the clutter taking up room in your office space.
  • 10×15 Units: These units are almost the size of a single-car garage. They are perfect for businesses with a backlog of items to store.
  • 10×20 Units: A 10×20 unit is the same size as a one-car garage. Extra office furniture or a wealth of paperwork can be stored in these units.
  • 10×25 Units: These units are slightly bigger than a one-car garage. They will fit office furniture, books, paperwork, appliances, and anything else you need.
  • 10×30 Units: Our largest indoor unit, the 10×30 is about the size of a one and a half car garage. It will fit the contents of a three-bedroom house. We recommend this size unit for businesses with lots of items to store.

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