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Why People Use Storage Units

There are between 45,000 and 60,000 storage facilities in the United States. There are more self storage facilities in the U.S. than there are Starbucks. Why? Because people love the convenience and safety that modern day self storage facilities offer.

Benefits using Self Storage

In addition to giving you more space, there are a lot of reasons to choose self storage. 

Accessibility: All of the units at Security Self Storage have drive-up access. You will never need to worry about borrowing and handling a cart. We provide the easiest to access units in the business.

Convenience: We offer a large number of indoor and outdoor self storage units. It only takes a few minutes to do the paperwork, and then you can move into your unit the same day. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff make the process a breeze.

Security: Our facility is constantly monitored by a video surveillance system. Access to the units is only allowed through the key-pad entry. Plus, the entire location is fenced, and our long office hours ensure another pair of eyes watching your valuables. The security of your items is assured when you use Security Self Storage.

Why Storage Units and Spaces

At Security Self Storage, we offer a variety of storage units. These include both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Indoor Storage Units

  • 5×5: Our smallest and least expensive unit is the 5×5. It can actually store quite a few boxes and plastic totes as long as they are packed tightly.
  • 5×10: The 5×10 unit is the size of a large closet. It will store a few pieces of small furniture, boxes or totes, or a bike.
  • 10×10: Most people love our 10×10 unit. This is one of our most popular spaces. It is about the size of half a one-car garage. You can store items that are just adding clutter to your home.
  • 10×15: The 10×15 unit is almost the size of a one-car garage. It will fit the contents of a one or two-bedroom apartment.
  • 10×20: This unit is the size of a one-car garage and will actually hold a small to medium-sized sedan. You can also fit appliances, furniture, bookshelves, and other items into this unit.
  • 10×25: Our 10×25 unit is slightly bigger than a one-car garage. It works best for people who need to store a vehicle and a few other items.
  • 10×30: Our largest unit, the 10×30 will hold the contents of a three-bedroom house.

Outdoor Storage Spaces

  • Less than 10×15: These small outdoor spaces will fit a popup camper or small trailer.
  • Less than 10×20: Another small outdoor space, these are perfect for a small boat or trailer.
  • 10×30: The 10×30 outdoor space will fit a boat, small RV, or tandem axle trailer.
  • 11×25: The 11×25 outdoor space will also fit a boat, small RV, or tandem axle trailer.
  • 12×40: Our largest outdoor spaces. These work best for Class A RVs or the largest trailers.

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2710 Syene Rd.
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