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Climate Controlled Storage Units

Sometimes people need storage that does more than hold their stuff. High-value items like artwork, antiques, photos, birth records, musical instruments, electronics and documents need to be stored in a special location. These valuables are not suited to regular self storage units. Instead, you need to consider a climate controlled storage.

At Security Self Storage in Madison, we offer a variety of small, climate controlled units. You should contact our office to learn more or visit our Storage Units page for availability and pricing.

Benefits of Temperature Controlled Storage

As mentioned above, temperature controlled units provide a lot of benefits for valuable items. They can keep your high-ticket items in as good a condition as the day they were stored. Here are a few ways climate control storage can help you.

They are super secure.  All of our climate controlled units are housed above our office. We have staff on-site seven days a week. Plus, the entire facility is fenced, and access is only available through a keypad entry gate. 24/7 video surveillance is also used. All of these features add up to a super-secure place to store your valuables.

They have heating and air conditioning.  In Madison, our summers are hot and our winters get cold. To combat these temperature changes, the climate controlled units are equipped with heating and air conditioning. Constant temperatures also help to maintain a consistent humidity level, which is essential for keeping antiques, photos, and documents in good condition.

They are affordable.  Our small climate controlled units start at just $60-$80 per month. That is not a lot considering the security and space you receive.

They are convenient.  We make the process easy. Just come in to talk with our office staff, fill out a few papers, and you will be able to move into your climate controlled storage unit. We offer month-to-month leasing, drive-up access, and allow you to cancel your lease at any time. There are no more convenient self storage facilities in Madison or near you in the surrounding area.

Climate Controlled Storage

We offer a variety of small climate controlled units. These are housed above our main office. The availability of these popular units varies. We recommend contacting our friendly office staff. They will be happy to give you the particulars about each type of climate controlled unit and its availability.

Climate Controlled FAQs

  1. Do I need a climate controlled unit?
    Whether or not you need a climate controlled unit really depends on what you have to store. Most of our customers who opt for a climate controlled space intend to store valuable antiques, artwork, musical instruments, electronics, documents, family photos, and/or birth records. If you have items that could be damaged by temperature or humidity fluctuations, then they need a climate controlled unit.

  2. When can I move into my climate controlled unit?
    At Security Self Storage, we make the process as simple as possible. It only takes a few minutes to fill out the paperwork and then you can move into your new climate controlled unit the same day.

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