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Things to Know Before Choosing an Outdoor Storage Unit

There are plenty of Madison storage lessees who find that an outdoor storage unit meets their needs very well. If you’re considering renting an outdoor storage unit in Madison, consider the following before you make your choice:

Why Outdoor Storage

1. Food Attracts Pests

Whatever you’re planning on storing outdoors, make sure to remove any food before the items are placed in your storage area. Food left in your belongings (especially in items that offer a safe, cozy place for animals to hide) is much more likely to attract rodents, ants and other pests—who may try to move in permanently. Clearing your belongings of food can help reduce the likelihood of an infestation issue.

2. Most Outdoor Storage Units Have Roofs

Although they are outside and do not have walls, most outdoor storage units have a cover or roof of some sort (much like a carport). This means that they typically offer some protection from the elements (but not much). So, whether an outdoor unit is right for you really comes down to what you’re storing: If what you’re storing can withstand damage from the elements, an outdoor unit may be all that you need. If, however, what you’re storing is likely to rust or is particularly valuable, it’s probably in your best interests to opt for the extra protection that a climate-controlled indoor unit can offer.

3. Cover Your Items For Extra Protection

Although most outdoor units offer some protection from the elements, unit renters are typically advised to put a tarp or similar cover over their belongings for an added level of protection against damage from the sun and rain. Remember, however: Although choosing a waterproof material can help protect your belongings from rain, moisture that gets under that cover can still be an issue.

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