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Why Would I Rent a Residential Storage Unit?

For some people, renting a residential storage unit seems like an odd decision—until those same people find themselves in a situation that makes renting a storage unit the obvious choice. So, what are some of the most common reasons that people in Madison rent storage units? Here are just a few:


Whether by necessity or choice, people often choose to downsize or de-clutter. For some folks, this is part of a larger move to simplify their lives. For other people, it’s a necessary adjustment due to financial or employment issues. In either case, storing valuable items in a secure place gives the downsizer the time to decide what he or she truly wants to keep. Plus, should they choose to sell any of their downsized items, keeping a storage unit gives them the time and space needed to sell their belongings for a fair price.

Relocation Logistics

Moving from one house to another doesn’t always happen as smoothly as you might like. If you’re forced to stay with friends, family or a local hotel because a new home isn’t ready for you, renting a residential storage unit for your belongings during the transition makes great sense. Using a storage unit during stressful relocations allows you to keep your items packed and secure until you’re ready to move in.

Hobby and Recreational Equipment

There are many people who enjoy the outdoors in the summer but then they find storing their summer equipment during the winter quite difficult. Things like canoes, kayaks, and ATVs all take up quite a bit of space. And, putting items like these in winter storage doesn’t just free up space in your garage or basement, it can also help protect your belongings from the environmental damage they might suffer if you were to leave them out in the elements.

Retirement, Loss, and Divorce

Major life changes like retirement, loss of a family member, and divorce can be hard. And, believe it or not, leasing a storage unit during periods of great life change like these can help. As people are adjusting to their new lives and lifestyles, storing items that aren’t necessarily used but that may have a lot of sentimental value can make difficult life changes and choices easier to deal with.

Space Issues

In areas with high-cost living spaces, renting a storage unit to store belongings that aren’t used regularly often makes a great deal of sense. Depending on housing prices and the cost of living in your area, renting a storage unit to store extra items can cost you a fraction of the price that renting or buying a larger home would cost you.

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